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Meet Doc May


Doc May went to medical school at the University of Georgia. Also Dr. May was in the Navy as a doctor during WW2 serving his time in the Orient.

 It was at that time he became interested in the health benefits of soy in relation to how healthy the Asian people were. He attributed that to the diet being high in soy. After the war Dr. May came back to the states and began to practice medicine in Howell, Michigan.

All through his career he had always been interested in using soy as a therapeutic cure for skin related problems along with a host of other health related issues, such as bone loss density, blood circulation,  etc.

 Dr. May still lives in Howell Michigan and is actively involved in the development of our products! We feel very lucky and proud to have Dr. May as part of our team!

Over the years we have developed a line of products to be used topically to achieve the same results as if you were to ingest the soy orally! Dr. May was instrumental in achieving this goal.


Soy Basics

Protein is made from building blocks called “Amino Acids” linked together in a chain.

Of the 20 Amino Acids found in the body, nine are “ESSENTIAL” because they have to be introduced to the body either by eating them or by applying them topically to the skin to soak in or in other words transdermically enter the blood stream.
The nine Amino Acids can only be transdermically applied as the body can’t produce them .

Soy protein that is the only plant protein that is “COMPLETE” because it contains all nine essential Amino Acids in the right balance for your body’s needs! Applied daily DOC MAY’S Skin Lotions and Creams will give you all of these benefits. Use daily and live and look healthier!!


Our soy is processed under precise medical supervision to retain as much of the natural soy benefits as possible. Most commercial soy products are over-processed and lose much of their therapeutic value. Doc May Therapeutic Soy is as close to the harvested bean value as hygienic marketing allows.
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